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Previous Clients Include

Trident Gum | LG Phones | Busch Gardens/Sea World Entertainment | Palms Hotels | Mazda Automobiles | Woolrich | Mortal Kombat | 8 Campaigns for Universal Studios and Coca Cola’s “Halloween Horror Nights

Marilyn Manson |  Lisa Marie Presley, | The Dave Matthews Band| X-Japan | Stevie Nicks | Willie Nelson | Velvet Revolver | Damian Marley | Ozzy Osbourne | Cypress Hill | Tommy Lee | Everlast | Dr. Dre | Queens of the Stone Age | Godsmack | Iron Maiden

dean karr

Mr. Karr’s prolific creative work has brought him to the forefront of his craft, with visuals that reveal a highly tuned sense of style, fashion, art, and narrative storytelling.

A native of Seattle, Washington, Karr received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Washington State University, later moving to Los Angeles where he attend the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

While honing is photographic skills, he grew fascinated by the possibilities of moving images. The promise of his early work led to Karr being asked to direct Marilyn Manson’s "Sweet Dreams." The resulting piece drew immediate and broad commercial attention, and served to propel both Manson and Karr into the forefront of the visual rock world. From there on out, he was immediately in demand to work with other top artists.